Frederick Noyes Architect Boston

41 Powell St, Brookline, MA 02446
617 879-1692


Frederick Noyes Architect is a small firm started in 1985 for the expressed intention of working on projects that permit fine architectural expression. We realize that no two clients work in the same way, have the same budget or timetable. No two sites are the same. We consider each project in its broadest context, conceiving new solutions based on our wide experience. Thus each project is unique and not "just like the last one" since the "last one" rarely addresses the unique attributes of the individual client.

We are dedicated to friendly design. A building must be friendly to the people who use it -- occupants and visitors. Our buildings are designed to enhance the lives of owners as they go about their tasks. We like to work with the client at our side, knowing that they need to be part of the design process to best develop their ideas and define their requirements. A building must also be friendly to construct and operate. We design with a "hands-on" understanding of construction, beginning with the Codes and Permitting and continuing through building occupancy, anticipating the issues facing the Contractor in the process of construction.


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